Just a few minutes’ drive south from the historical centre of Florence, on the “Aretina”, the ancient Roman consular road connecting Florence to Arezzo, is where Villa Favard lies, steeped in the green of a beatiful Renaissance park, inside which is our Bed and Breakfast.

Villa Favard once belonged to Baroness Fiorella Favard de L’Anglade, in the second half of the 19th Century.

Since 1946, it has hosted a high quality weaving crafts workshop, created by the Countess Maria Antonietta di Frassineto
in order to continue the Florentine tradition of the interior decoration fabrics, according to the ancient Renaissance art of hand weaving.

The Weaving of Rovezzano found its natural place in the outbuildings of Villa Favard, and in the bright orangery was preserved the precious historical collection of fabrics.

Many personalities including actors and actresses who have gone from Rovezzano while still Antique Weave.

In 1995, the artist Mauro Molinari, almost by chance met the craft fabrics of Rovezzano Weaving.
From these, he was inspired to paint with his technique some pictures; one of these is still exposed in the Rovezzano Holiday Home.
The “postcard”, consisted in the invitation to the exhibition, which was held throughout February 1996 at the old wine cellars with vaulted ceilings of Rovezzano Weaving.


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The six rooms of our Bed and Breakfast – Impruneta, Villamagna, Ponte Vecchio, Il Poggetto, Villa Palmieri and Bargello – are each named after the kind of fabric they are decorated with.

Rovezzano-B&B_Firenze---Impruneta_room  Rovezzano-B&B_Firenze---Villamagna_room-  –  Rovezzano-B&B_Firenze---Pontevecchio_room
Rovezzano-B&B_Firenze---VillaPalmieri_room  –  Rovezzano-B&B_Firenze---Ilpoggetto_room
 – Rovezzano-B&B_Firenze---Bargello_room